Friday, July 6, 2012


Dredging at the North end of Sweetwater Lake is underway. The barges and excavators are in place and digging. The water near the North end is temporarily a bit murky.....small price to pay for progress. I've recieved numerous e-mails questioning if other areas could be dredged. It's a money issue! The Conservancy is spending $140,000 for 8,500 cubic yards of material to be removed per this contract. That's all they have to spend for this year. The ecology commission is asking for a budget of $150,000 for next year's dredging projects. That's all that is planned at this point. I'm personally hoping that private individuals may be permitted to dredge some nearby coves at their own expense while the dredging machinery is in the lake. It all depends
if there is room for the spoils at the field across from the beach. Stay tuned!